Twin Glam, the new full aluminium cap by Flosty

Brands, suppliers and the industry as a whole are looking for solutions to achieve their sustainability and circular economy goals.

At FLOSTY we are determined to be part of the change and with our latest cap TWIN GLAM, we present an option that relies on 2 at least of the famous 3R: reducing/reusing/recycling.

Following in the steps of our TWIN STAR cap , put on the market last year, FLOSTY presents its second cap-with-insert 100% aluminium.

There’s an important added value for this model: the external diameter is far superior to the inside one – it’s thick.

Usually this is only achieved thanks to a plastic insert – for our new TWIN GLAM model, we worked on cloning one of our existing and popular models, with the mono material challenge to restore the same volume, without using any added component. There’s a drop of glue inside, its low percentage negligible making it fully recyclable.

Our new TWING GLAM, available in any chosen colour (silver insert), with a myriad of customisation options, will help brands lighten their packs without losing their desirability.

The notion of weight as a marker of luxury is hence nuanced in favour of more refined and minimalist versions.