The new Twist cap

FLOSTY presents a new addition to our 3R’s range of products (REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE) with the new TWIST cap, GPI 18/415. It is our first standard screwed-on cap, and we chose to make it by applying the 3R’s trend: by reducing the number of processes and materials present in the final product. Our TWIST cap can either be anodized, as most of our standard caps are, but we also present it to the market in its «brut» version, without anodisation.

The cap, pearly-silver colored (brut aluminum) has no plastic insert and is a one-piece aluminum cover with a gasket to guarantee the tightness of the product.

With this vintage-looking cap, the TWIST cap is both an economical and ecological solution for the perfume brands we work with. Thanks to it, the perfume bottles can easily be refilled (we also offer a choice of funnels) and reused. This eco conception is specially adapted to the alcohol-based formula of perfumes and fragrances, readily lending itself to consecutive fillings.

The TWIST cap elegantly completes our refilling and reusable Travel Sprays collection, as well as the funnels.