FLOSTY offers clients and employees the best in manufacturing practices and has a strong commitment to a sustainable philosophy : we make sure that our collaborators apply the basic principles of sustainability and that our providers have a long-term commitment to ensure a safe workplace and minimize the ecological footprint of their production processes, TESEM and NOVASSU in front.

All our products are made in Europe and we have a strong innovation focus on recycled and Eco products.

FLOSTY’s commitment to sustainability lies in its ability to think and create new designs that help change gestures, recycling and refilling of products.

Alongside the existing offer, our portfolio grows to incorporate new designs.


Our product technical sheets include information on the environmental impact of our products as well as their recyclability index.

The environmental impact has been calculated for all our products, based on Life Cycle Analysis* with a scope from cradle to gate. Four impact categories were calculated: carbon footprint, water consumption, energy consumption and natural resources depletion.  All calculated references were ordered from highest to lowest impact, and then a label was given to each reference, based on a qualitative value scale from A + more environmentally friendly to D less environmentally friendly.

The recyclability index is an internal index that takes into account the number of materials used in the product, the attachment method, the finish of the product, and the money value of the material before and after being recycled.  All calculated references were ordered from highest to lowest recyclability possibilities, and then a label was given to each reference,  based on a qualitative scale of values from +++ more easily recyclable to + less easily recyclable.

*Following rules UNE-EN ISO 14040:2006; ISO/TR 14047: 2003;UNE-EN ISO 14025:2006;ISO/TR 14049: 2000.