Rechargeable & Refillable Travel Sprays

Last October in Luxepacl Monaco, FLOSTY presented its new range of standard products: our VOYAGE Collection, composed of 19 Travel Sprays:

> Eleven 7 ml models
> Seven 10 ml models
> One 15 ml model

All of them are designed and produced in Spain, inspired by our numerous liptsicks models, from which we were able to reuse many existing tools and molds. Either cylindrical or square, full aluminium or bi-material, all of them are rechargeable and/or refillable.

We propose both options: 

For the refillable one, expose the sprayer, unscrew the pump and thanks to our mini funnel REFILL the vial with perfume.

For the rechargeable one, expose the sprayer, then pull up on it (in this case it is crimped) to slide the glass vial out, and replace it with the identical recharge.

FLOSTY has imagined and developed these 19 perfume vaporizers with clean lines, of a standard design and conception, to be personalized, allowing perfume houses & brands to customise and assimilate them without having to go through specific development and the financing of a tooling, both long and costly.

A nomadic object that has now become essential for perfume brands, a TRAVEL SPRAYS is a personal, sophisticated object that constitutes an elegant communication object for any brand and a product that easily finds its place in the handbag.

See our full collection here.