Flosty at PCD Paris 2022

Are you planning to visit the PCD Paris 2022 exhibition?  Don’t miss FLOSTY’s booth: come visit us and discover all our standard packaging collections for Fragrances and Make Up.

New MAKE UP segment!

After 2 years of industrial and product development, FLOSTY’s journey towards glamourous standard products is reaching a milestone: we launch our very own MAKE UP packaging line, for lipsticks, brushes and compact powder cases.

Full Alu Collection

Sustainability and sustainable choices when it comes to packaging is becoming a business essential for all our collaborators as well as for ourselves.

Reduce Reuse REFILL Recycle

Customers’ growing interest in sustainable development and eco-design encourages the development of reusable bottles as well as complementary accessories to help reduce, reuse and recycle.

Twin Star, the new full aluminium cap by Flosty

Sustainable development is the major collective challenge on the agenda of the planet. For high-end brands in our sector, it is not an altruistic opportunity anymore, but a real business imperative.

Flosty’s standardized magnetic cap

A good illustration of FLOSTY’s versatile products, here is one of our latest creation: an innovative concept of aluminium cap that combines the exclusivity and quality of a magnetized stopper with the optimization and efficiency of standard solutions.

Welcome to Flosty

To speak of cosmetics and fragrances is to speak of a whole universe, or rather, of as many universes as designers are able to create. Now, what is rarely said is that to build this universe you need elements that allow you a creative elasticity that goes beyond the frontier of innovation.

Flosty presents its first full-plastic cap

Meeting the challenge of sustainability in packaging is not only unavoidable for any actor of the sector, it is also by conviction at the chore of our strategy at FLOSTY. As such, a very conclusive option is MONOMATERIAL items, recyclable without needing to be disassembled.