FLOSTY is a creator of aluminium & plastic high-quality packaging solutions for the fragrance and cosmetic industry. Founded in 2010 as the standard-items commercialisation unit of the group, we recently re-organised as a strategic development unit to promote the creation of new customary products and techniques available to all.

As such, FLOSTY is the innovation showcase of TESEM Group: we work closely with engineers and developers within the company to deliver to the market novel, efficient and inspiring standard packaging proposals.

We help empower brands by fashioning their unique product, thanks to a wide array of models & customisation options

Our offices are located in the centre of Barcelona, and the logistics headquarters are next to the manufacturing sites. This guarantees he constant monitoring of the production process. We produce in Europe, in Spain in the area of Torello and in France in Molinges.


Download here our quality policy and here our ISO 9001 Certificate

Flosty’s production plants are renown in their field, experience and know how are the warrant of the quality seal from TESEM Group. We are talking “Made In Europe first class packaging”: aluminium plants are located in Spain while plastic injection is largely produced in France.

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Truly unique thanks to diversity of models, colours, finishing, decoration choices and consulting team to walk you through it according to your needs and budget.

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With FLOSTY, no inversion on moulds, which represents much shorter TIME 2 MARKET products. We also stock on « most-wanted » models.

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Thanks to the close follow-up of our customer service team on orders and lead-times.

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Ensure a lower carbon footprint support the EU economy and local actors, favour proximity with the quality guarantee

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