FLOSTY, through TESEM’s Innovation Lab, constantly enrols in relevant technology development collaborations with various partners and research institutes. The creation and presentation of state-of-the-art technologies that can bring an added value to our clients is one of our objectives. This is done by proposing new materials, processes and decoration techniques.

Consistent with this approach, FLOSTY has joined forces with a team of German product designers and signed an agreement with WINT Design Lab, based in Berlin.

With this collaboration we aim at the ideation of new designs and innovative models and techniques to position FLOSTY as the creative and versatile packaging solution.

Wint Design Lab was also responsible for creating our “carte de visite” online, a virtual animation representing the brand. We feel that our new vision and focus on development and innovation will benefit from Wint’s creativity, where they conceptualize and materialize future products based on new and emerging Technologies, Materials and Processes.