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Welcome to Flosty

To speak of cosmetics and fragrances is to speak of a whole universe, or rather, of as many universes as designers are able to create. Now, what is rarely said is that to build this universe you need elements that allow you a creative elasticity that goes beyond the frontier of innovation.

There are different players that together with the development departments elaborate the perfect combinations for a harmonized final product. To achieve this creative delimitation and the no-barrier, it’s not easy. Long processes, creation of molds, development and production costs, product performance, beta modeling … meaning sometimes a barrier, either time-wise, costs-wise or both.

For this very reason and with the objective of making this process more agile, creative and dynamic, Flosty was born. Flosty is the brand that allows you to use products created by our development and innovation team which, following the latest trends, offers the customer the most innovative components with multiple customization options but without the difficulties or costs of a tailored-made product.

Our brand, faithful to its values, allows each product or piece to be unique, as illustrated through our brand pictogram (“o”, flow effect), an elasticity, without ties, without limits and without complications.

Flosty, naming composed of the word style and the word flow, makes us a liquid brand model able and willing to adapt to thousands of ideas, keen on “dressing” dreams, desires and above all, to be reactive.

Welcome to a new way of doing.

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Flosty presents its first full-plastic cap

FLOSTY presents its first full-plastic cap: insert, ballast and top part in Polypropylene (PP).

Meeting the challenge of sustainability in packaging is not only unavoidable for any actor of the sector, it is also by conviction at the chore of our strategy at FLOSTY. As such, a very conclusive option is MONOMATERIAL items, recyclable without needing to be disassembled.

Based on one of our best-sellers aluminium & PE cap, the GLAM model, this new PP cap enables us to offer even more versatility to the range. Both WHITE and BLACK are available as standards, either in shiny or matte finish. Especially true for white and pale shades, this new item presents the advantage of being more economical than the aluminium lacquered version, while offering a sleek and elegant look and dutifully complying with required technical specifications (contact us to receive our “Cahier des Charges”)

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Thanks to a wide array of models, decoration techniques and materials, our always-growing options truly allow labels to MAKE the product theirs, without the need to invest in moulds.

According to the quantities needed, we can develop any colour required, through proposals from our own ranges to duplicating your reference.

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Flosty is reinventing itself

Founded in 2010 as the standard-items commercialisation unit, pendent to TESEM’s specific developments, we recently re-organised as a strategic development unit to promote the creation of new customary products and techniques available to all.

As such, FLOSTY becomes the innovation showcase of TESEM Group: a multidisciplinary team, we work closely with engineers and developers within the company to deliver to the market novel, efficient and inspiring standard packaging proposals.

We help empower brands by fashioning their unique product:

Our team just moved in new offices in the centre of Barcelona, and we are working on our showroom to make possible either virtual or in- the-flesh visits and presentations, if allowed.
See you soon!